1,000 Google Workers Demand Action On Climate Change


On Monday, Google employees called on company management to take action against climate change. More than 1,000 workers signed an open letter to Ruth Porat, Google’s chief financial officer, requesting Google to release a plan addressing carbon emissions and political lobbying.

This letter requests a commitment from Google to zero emissions by 2030 and also no contracts that “enable or accelerate the extraction of fossil fuels.”

The employees also called on the company to prevent funding to climate-denying or climate-delaying think tanks, lobbyists or politicians.

The letter says that “Google is a global company with billions of users across the world, many of whom are already bearing the brunt of climate disaster. Google’s code of conduct requires respect for users and for opportunities.”

This open letter comes after The Guardian reported last month that Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the “most notorious climate deniers” in Washington DC.

Google’s employees are no foreigner to corporate protest. In the past, workers have protested the company’s work in China, contracts with the Pentagon, and treatment of temporary workers and contractors.

Last Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the Google walkout, in which 20,000 workers around the world marched out of their offices to protest payouts to executives accused of sexual assault and misconduct.

Google also mentioned that it’s been carbon “neutral” since 2007 which means it has offset the emissions it’s produced by doing things like planting trees. But employee activists want the company to go further.

Google’s employees also mention in the letter that protests attempt by workers from Microsoft and Amazon over climate change. Amazon employees called the climate situation “existential” and said the pace of warming would “threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people and put thousands of species at risk of extinction.”


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