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China To Trudeau: Spying Charges Are 'Completely Different'
China To Trudeau: Spying Charges Are 'Completely Different'

China To Trudeau: Spying Charges Are ‘Completely Different’

Leader Justin Trudeau said today Canada will keep on connecting Beijing’s choice to accuse two Canadians of spying to the capture of a Chinese tech official, hours after China criticized him to “stop making irresponsible remarks.”

“Within the very first few days of the detention of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, Chinese officials were highlighting a link between the detention a week before of Meng and the arrest of the two Michaels”, Trudeau said at the beginning of today during his day by day instructions outside Rideau Cottage.

“It has been obvious from the beginning that this was a political decision made by the Chinese government, and we deplore it and have from the very beginning.”

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were kept in what was generally observed as an endeavor to pressure Canada after Meng’s December 2018 capture in Vancouver. Charges against them were declared Friday after a Canadian appointed authority administered the removal instance of Huawei official Meng Wanzhou can continue to its next stage, drawing her nearer to being given over to American specialists.

On Friday, Trudeau said Chinese specialists “legitimately connected” the instances of Kovrig and Spavor with that of Meng. He approached Beijing to end its “self-assertive confinement.”

Prior at the beginning of today, a Chinese outside service representative said the spying charges are “totally unique” from Meng’s case. Meng was captured on U.S. charges associated with potential infringement of exchange sanctions on Iran.

“There is nothing of the sort as self-assertive confinement,” said the service representative, Zhao Lijian.

“China urges the relevant Canadian leader to earnestly respect the spirit of the rule of law, respect China’s judicial sovereignty and stop making irresponsible remarks,” Zhao said.

In any case, China’s minister to Canada, Cong Peiwu, has connected the cases. He recommended in a meeting with Global a month ago that Kovrig’s and Spavor’s treatment would improve if Canada returned Meng.

“I would like to take this opportunity to point out that actually the biggest issue in our bilateral relationship is still Meng Wanzhou’s case, so that’s why we have made our position very clear to make sure that she’s back in China smoothly and safely,” he said.

“I think that my point is very clear. We want to make sure that the safety and health of those detainees are protected so as long as the situation gets better, we will resume these consular visits.”

Trudeau said his administration keeps on working in the background to make sure about the arrival of the two Canadians, however kept on precluding a detainee trade.

“No. We’re not considering that,” the PM told reporters.

“Canada has a strong and independent justice system. We will ensure that it goes through its proper forces and anyone who’s considering weakening our values or weakening the independence of our justice system doesn’t understand the importance of standing strong on our principles and our values.”

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