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"All Lives Matter" T-shirts Sold Online By Walmart Faces Backlash
"All Lives Matter" T-shirts Sold Online By Walmart Faces Backlash

“All Lives Matter” T-shirts Sold Online By Walmart Faces Backlash

The expression “All Lives Matter” was instituted as a cavalier reaction to the “Black Lives Matter” development and has been broadly scrutinized for its supremacist meanings.

In a reaction to Udle’s tweet, Walmart Canada said the shirt was sold and transported by an outsider vendor.

“We’ve forwarded your comments to the appropriate department to look into further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

A representative for Walmart told CTVNews.ca in an email that “at Walmart Canada, we remain against any type of bigotry or segregation.

“We promote listening, seeking to understand and embracing individual differences. Today, our third-party marketplace has a number of items with variations on the phrase ‘lives matter.’ We will continue to review those items to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions.”

Other Twitter clients had called attention to the presence of numerous different items wearing “All Lives Matter” or comparable trademarks. The site has postings for various “Blue Lives Matter” shirts, prints and even clothing, just as items that state “Police Lives Matter.”

Walmart didn’t state whether any of these items would be brought down or not.

This isn’t the first run through the organization has experienced harsh criticism for plans by an outsider merchant that were recorded on their site through the Walmart Marketplace.

Last December, the organization expelled a few postings and apologized subsequent to getting protests about “mischievous” Christmas sweater plans that seemed to show Santa Claus sitting before lines of cocaine.

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