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Canadian-Made Plant-Based Foods Partnership
Canadian-Made Plant-Based Foods Partnership
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Canadian-Made Plant-Based Foods Partnership

Protein Industries Canada (“PIC”) declared an undertaking concentrated on making new plant-based nourishments utilizing beats developed and prepared on the Prairies.

The $11.3 million-dollar undertaking will see a consortium of AGT Food and Ingredients (“AGT”) and ulivit, cooperate to process pea, lentil and faba bean protein move into high dampness meat simple, Texturized Pulse Protein (TPP), tempeh, tofu, pasta and non-dairy analogs. These fixings will at that point be additionally formed into showcase prepared nourishment for the shopper and café.

This venture unites AGT, considered one of the originators of Canada’s plant protein industry, with ulivit, – a youthful organization drove by two capable ladies business visionaries, to execute ventures that will add to altering the plant-based food advertise. Working off one another’s understanding and skill, they will utilize dry fractioned beats as feedstock to make high-protein items utilizing green creation strategies that will devour less vitality and water than existing business forms.

“This project is exciting on so many levels,” CEO of Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel said. “First of all, it is a classic example of how the cluster is supposed to work – a collaboration between large and micro companies to bring new innovations to the market. Secondly, its benefit to Canadians – from the farmer growing the pulse crops who will now have more options to sell their product closer to home, to the processors and packagers in the middle who employ Canadians across the country, to the consumer looking to introduce more tasty and innovative plant-protein products into their diet.”

It is normal that the interest for plant-based items will just proceed to develop, and that inexorably purchasers will search for some food items that are flexitarian in nature – implying that they mix the sort of items that AGT and ulivit will make, for example, TPP and other heartbeat fixings with meat to give an elective that isn’t either, yet both.

“We are very happy to work with ulivit on innovative new projects through the PIC Supercluster program,” said Murad Al-Katib, President and CEO of AGT. “Development of applications for plant-based foods and the ingredients that are used to make them has been a significant part of AGT’s strategy over the past decade. We were at the forefront leading what is now seen by many as the plant-based revolution. Meat alternatives, like those we see in many products in the marketplace, have really gained traction with consumers as they search out new and innovative products that are good for them and taste good as well. The critical R&D and production work needed to predict what consumers may be looking for and provide products that fit their tastes is key, not only to AGT’s growth but for emerging companies like ulivit and the pulse food sector overall. Saskatchewan and Canada are the first stop on the protein highway, and we look forward to continuing to innovate, produce and assist in growing a new segment of an exciting sector. PIC helps us to accelerate this growth trajectory we are on.”

“We are super excited to collaborate with Protein Industries Canada and AGT on this project. At ulivit we want to make the world a healthier and happier place with plant-based foods,” Founder of ulivit Laura Gustafson said. “The Supercluster program is a game changer for ulivit. It creates opportunities that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. Opportunities associated with AGT’s global leading team, ingredients, infrastructure, experience, and relationships that will propel our company. We are thrilled AGT and PIC are part of our plant-protein journey and look forward to creating delicious and sustainable plant-based foods for Canadians and the world.”

This task speaks to the seventh undertaking reported by Protein Industries Canada. Since June of a year ago Protein Industries Canada and industry consortiums have put more than $100 million into Canada’s plant protein biological system. Protein Industries Canada’s third call for Expressions of Interests (EOIs) is currently open.

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