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All We Know about Corey Hurren – The Ranger who Threatened PM Trudeau after Ramming Rideau Gate

When Canadian Ranger, Corey Hurren rammed the Rideau Gate on July 2, people believed it to be a normal incident. However, as the case unfolded, more and more disturbing details are being revealed.

As per the latest records revealed, the man was carrying an M14 rifle, two shotguns, and a revolver along with him. He rammed the gate and was reaching towards the residence of PM Trudeau. PM Trudeau is living with his family near the Governor General’s estate as 24 Sussex Drive is under renovation. Hurren’s car broke down near the estate and he moved towards the residence of the Prime Minister, the report has revealed. He was however nabbed by the police.

The man has been charged under 22 different charges, one for threatening to cause death or harm to the prime minister and 21 for weapons.

There are many details that have emerged about the accused. Here is what known so far.

Corey Hurren, 46, is a reservist with Canadian Rangers and is a resident of Bowsman. As per the media reports, he spent 10 years in a meat department of a co-op grocery store in nearby the Swan River. The community knew him well. People in his community are shocked after hearing the news.

The court documents released recently suggested that he had a license for the M14 rifle. The court said that it understands that the weapon was in his or his close family member’s possession before it was prohibited. He however did not have the license for the revolver.

Hurren runs a small business selling meat products. His social media page for his business in Manitoba gives more details. One of the posts revealed that Hurren is a Royal Canadian Artillery veteran. The post of November, last year revealed that he has joined the military as Canadian Ranger. Another post from May this year revealed that he was part of the Gillam Patrol. The post also revealed that he was part of the military voluntary call of Operation LASER, the COVID19 response of the Canadian Military.

However, on July 2, 35 minutes before he rammed the gate of Rideau Hall, his social media page for business shared a conspiracy theory about COVID19. He also shared this theory on Instagram. The theory was one of the most circulated ones and he asked everyone to check ‘Event 201’. As per the theory, Bill Gates and other elite already predicted that millions of people will be dead due to COVID19. However, John Hopkins University clearly told that the discussions were held on a hypothetical but possible pandemic situation. It was clarified that the discussions were centered around how to survive a pandemic in case it emerges. The fact-checking websites also termed the story as fake.

However, Hurren may have fallen for the story and believed that authorities knew about the pandemic and did nothing to stop it. He was perhaps motivated to threaten PM Trudeau for the same reason.

He is currently under the custody and is waiting for a court date on July 17.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/what-we-know-about-the-suspect-arrested-in-rideau-hall-breach-1.5013317

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Melissa Critch

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