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Man who Rammed Rideau Hall Gate had Weapons and Threatened PM Trudeau

The Police have confirmed that the man who was arrested last week for ramming a truck through the Rideau Hall, last week was carrying many weapons. The reports confirmed that the man threatened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and was carrying two shotguns, a rifle and one revolver along with him. The incident took place on July 2 and the now released court documents have added the details on the charge against, Corey Hurren, a Canadian Force Member who rammed the truck.

As per the details, Hurren was carrying M-14 rifle, shotguns, and a sophisticated revolver with him. M14 is prohibited in Canada and the Court observed that he had a license for it. Hence, the court understood that he or some close relative already had this in possession before the M14 rifle was prohibited. He, however, does not have the license for the revolver and has been charged for carrying high capacity magazines without a license. Hurren has been charged with 21 counts related to weapons.

He has also been charged for threatening to cause death or harm to the Prime Minister.

As per the military, Corey Hurren is a reservist in the Canadian Rangers and was on full duty during the entire summer in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

On July 2, Hurren rammed through the Rideau Hall gate but his car broke down near to Governor General’s official estate. PM Trudeau and his family are staying there as 24 Sussex Drive awaits the renovation. Hurren got out of the car and was moving towards the Trudeau’s residence. However, Police successfully nabbed him without anyone getting hurt.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/man-arrested-near-rideau-hall-had-several-weapons-threatened-pm-trudeau-rcmp-1.5012530

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