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Family Recalls the Horror of Lynn Valley Care Center during COVID19 Outbreak

Lynn Valley Care Center in Vancouver faced the same fate as others in the country. However, the ghastly details of the care center are now emerging which took place just before the COVID19 outbreak took place. A group of women has come forward to share the disturbing details at the center.

One of the women said that what was to be done, was not done at the center and termed it as traumatizing. She spoke about the details that unfolded during the early days of the COVID19 outbreak on the second floor, known as the Lodge. She said that the lack of care for elderly citizens was heartbreaking. The elderly women were crying for help for hours. She said that she and others could help some of them but unfortunately not all of them. They were still allowed to enter the facility back then. However, as the virus started spreading more, the access got restricted.

Kathie Boyd also witnessed the lack of care at the center said that they were not allowed inside. Gibb Carsley, another woman described that an elderly woman was crying for help for almost 10 minutes. Her legs were caught on the rail of her bed and she wet. Carsley could help her through.

The workers were then started getting affected or they were scared to visit the facility. There were at times only a few workers for the 45 Lodge residents.

Another woman, May Mikhail, went to see her Mom at the Lodge and found her soaked in her own urine and she was shivering and that was the amount of trauma at the Lynn Valley. Her Mom died on March 18 due to COVID19. Lynn Valley saw 20 deaths of senior citizens due to COVID19.

Lynn Valley Clarified that COVID19 ravaged their facility and they could not go ahead of the outbreak. However, they did all they could along with VCHA health workers to arrest the spread of the virus and take care of the residents. The care home also said that the professional replacement staff was brought on time. The care home said that the patients with Dementia required extra care and the professional staff were brought in to take care of them.

However, the family members are not buying this from the Lynn Valley. They have asked for an investigation into what happened there and sought accountability. They have asked to ensure that the most vulnerable people of British Columbia must get the care they deserve.

No official investigation has yet started, however.

Source: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/family-members-haunted-by-lack-of-care-for-seniors-during-outbreak-at-lynn-valley-care-centre-1.5014631

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