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Thousands of Quebecers Ready to Take Long Term Care after CAF Withdraws

The military has pulled back from Quebec and now thousands of people are coming in for long term care. They are trying to fill 10,000 orderly positions in time before the possible second wave of COVID19 surfaces.

People who are hit hard by the pandemic are transitioning into the long term care for Quebec. They have even gone through three weeks of fast-track program to work in the hard-hit area of Quebec. Despite the training, the workers are uncertain about the system. They are not really sure what’s waiting for them in there.

Quebec has been the worst-hit province in Canada. Since March, the province has witnessed nearly 56000 COVID19 cases and recorded around 5500 deaths. This is almost 60% of the entire deaths recorded in Canada. Most of the cases have come from the Long Term Care of CHSLD.

These centers become the center of a talking point after scrutiny from the Armed Forces. The report carried out by the Armed Forces found that a ‘critical need’ of improved staff and medical training is required in the CHSLDs. Quebec Premier Francois Legault asked at least 1000 members of Canadian Armed Forces to remain at the care home, but the CAF has ended the humanitarian mission.

Legault expressed his frustration at the news. However, hundreds of Red Cross Workers are expected to begin the work at the homes this month. Meanwhile, thousands of recruits are completing three-weeks training. The training was actually a nine-month course but fast-tracked due to emergency. This training includes proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and practicing on mannequins for physical labor. As per John Millar, clinical instructor, focuses are on the practical approach of the situation. PPE and isolation protocols are the major component of the training.

It also includes an emotional toll. Taking care of the elderly isn’t a fancy job, but many believe that it is the duty to take care of them at this time of need.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/fast-tracked-orderly-recruits-set-to-begin-work-in-hard-hit-quebec-1.5015011

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