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Canada Students Frustrated Following the $900-million Student Volunteering Program Controversy

TORONTO- COVID-19 has affected the lives and livelihoods of many people. There are no more jobs left for struggling students, and they are now turning to volunteer jobs. Canada students were hoping to benefit from a government grant program this summer aimed at providing pandemic income and helping struggling students earn money through volunteering.

However, the $900-million student volunteering program tangled in controversy.

The grant, which was supposed to be administered by WE Charity, was canceled last week following conflict of interest allegations involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ties to the organization. The controversy intensified on Thursday after it was revealed that Trudeau’s family was paid a total of nearly $300,000 over the last four years to speak at events hosted by WE Charity.

Over 35,000 applicants are left waiting, along with non-profit organizations who were looking forward to bringing on summer students amid this pandemic. Christopher Sutton, chief executive of Wavefront Centre, said the individuals who were hurt the most were the students looking for opportunities and organizations like himself.

According to Nicole Brayiannis, the national deputy chairperson at the Canadian Federation of Students, the money should be given to the Canadian Emergency Student Benefit instead of that program. Additionally, he said it was so late in the summer that students would not be able to access the benefits of the program.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/after-we-charity-fallout-students-non-profits-await-fate-of-900m-grant-program-1.5017882

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