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Deaths, Controversies, and Tragedies Associated with the Popular TV Series

On Wednesday, California police indicated that Rivera rented a pontoon boat at the Lake Piru reservoir. Her 4-year-old son was also found on board wearing a life vest. Captain Eric Buschow said that they believe that she went into the water, but they had not been able to locate her. Therefore, this could be a case of drowning, becoming the latest tragedy to strike the cast of “Glee.” The program, which was considered by critics as one of the cheeriest shows on TV at the time, ran for six seasons from 2009 to 2015. Nevertheless, people now believe the show is “cursed” because several years since it ended, there have been tumultuous for some of its cast and crew.

Here are other deaths, controversies, and tragedies associated with the popular TV series:


Earlier, Naya Rivera was arrested in November 2017 for domestic battery. She played cheerleader Santana Lopez in 113 episodes of the hit musical show. Actor Ryan Dorsey, the 31-year-old’s then-husband, reported to a deputy that she struck him in the head and face after an argument about their son. Dorsey decided not to seek prosecution, and the¬†charges were dropped¬†in January 2018. Their marriage lasted for four years after finalizing their divorce in June 2018.


It was months after Mark Salling¬†pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography that he died by suicide in late January 2018. He played Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman on the show and was due to be sentenced in March 2018, where he could have faced four to seven years in prison. The prosecutors found more than 50,000 images of child porn on a computer and thumb drive belonging to Salling in May 2016. Reports indicate that Salling died from asphyxia after hanging himself. His body was found in a riverbed area in northeast Los Angeles.


In July 2013, Cory Monteith, Canadian actor, was found dead at 31-year in a Vancouver hotel room. He played quarterback-turned-singer Finn Hudson. Reports indicate that he died of heroin and alcohol as he battled substance abuse since his early teens when he went to Hollywood. Monteith had completed a stint in rehab four months before his death. He was dating co-star Lea Michele, who is¬†expecting her first child¬†with husband Zandy Reich, at the time of his death. After having missed the last few episodes of the fourth season while attending rehab, Monteith was set to return to “Glee” for the fifth season.


The show‚Äôs assistant director Jim Fuller suddenly passed away from heart failure at 41 years while in his sleep, just three months after Monteith’s 2013 death. Additionally, production assistant Nancy Motes died in February 2014, aged 37, after drowning in her bathtub. She was also the half-sister of actor Julia Roberts. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, she was found surrounded by non-prescription and prescription medications. Motes left a suicide claiming that Roberts drove her into a deep depression.


Melissa Benoist shared a 14-minute long video on Instagram detailing her experience with intimate partner violence from a previous relationship. She currently stars as Supergirl in the CW series. She played Marley Rose for 42 episodes after joining the cast of Glee in 2012 during the show’s fourth season. She said in the video that what began as jealousy and possessiveness escalated to violence several months into their relationship. She indicated that the abusive relationship led to an eye injury she had previously attributed to being accident-prone on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2016.

The injury left her eye permanently damaged, tearing her iris and nearly ruptured her eyeball.


In recent weeks, Lea Michele has been overwhelmed by rumors in early June amid growing anti-Black racism protests across the U.S following the death of George Floyd. This is after various cast and crew members¬†accused the show’s lead actress of bullying on-set. She played Rachel Berry on the show. Samantha Marie Ware, the former co-star, blamed Michele of traumatic microaggressions that made her question a career in Hollywood. However, Michele supported the protest by saying that violence on Black people must end, but Ware responded by tweeting that Michele had made her first TV job a “living hell.”

Heather Morris, Dabier Snell, and Yvette Nicole Brown are among other co-stars who piled on with their own allegations.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/glee-star-s-disappearance-adds-to-growing-list-of-tv-series-tragedies-1.5017173

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