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Quebec Police Still Searching for Martin Carpentier after Getting the Bodies of his Daughters on Saturday

Police in Quebec are still looking for Martin Carpentier, 44-year-old, 5’10” tall and weighing 130 pounds, in a heavily wooded area in Saint-Apollinaire. Following a three-day Amber Alert, the bodies of his two girls were discovered on Saturday. Surete du Quebec (SQ) Sgt. Ann Mathieu said that yesterday’s search was focusing on the same wooded area where police discovered the bodies of Romy Carpentier, six, and Norah Carpentier since several people said they saw him in that area.

According to Dominique Moncalis, Scouts Canada Association spokesperson, Carpentier was a pack scouter with the 128 Charny chapter of the Scouts, and there is a vigil set up at Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere. There is a video circulating of the father and daughter Norah, the Cub Scout, in their Scout uniforms. Romy was set to enter the Beaver Scouts when she turn seven. Police are using ATVs, a helicopter, drones and K-9 patrols as part of their search for Carpentier.

  • People Urged to Stay Home

On Sunday, the SQ pleaded with residents not to Livestream the search for Carpentier after an incident Saturday night. SQ Sgt. Ann Mathieu stated that what happened on Saturday is someone did a Facebook live to ask citizens to come over and pursue the search with them. However, Ann refuted the call saying that kind of initiatives is really not good to help the police officers. Mathieu added that about 100 people went into the woods after hearing a noise to see what was going on and this contaminated the scene and causing the SQ’s K-9 squad to be ineffective.

Matthieu confirmed that they appreciate the work people do for them, they appreciate their goodwill, but doing so is not a good idea to help them. She stated that people should look after their property and if there is something wrong with them, people should call them to do the verification about it. Mathieu concluded that police are still analyzing the scene to determine what may have led to the young girls’ deaths while waiting for the autopsy results.

  • Quebec Town Changed

The parking lot of the community center has been transformed into a base of operations. This is because helicopters have been taking off and landing at a nearby soccer field. A native of St-Apollinaire, Cedric Lambert, stated that he never imagined he’d see this type of deployment in his quiet little corner of the province. Lambert, 23, said that seeing police everywhere with helicopters, you wouldn’t have believed it.

Marie-Myriam Dion, his partner and a mother of two, stated that she doesn’t feel safe and can’t wait for them to find him. Lambert was concerned that Carpentier could represent a danger, given he has been missing since Wednesday and couldn’t very well return to town to buy food. A St-Apollinaire resident for 40 years, Gerald Rousseau, who lives about four kilometers from where the police are searching stated that there’s plenty of places to hide in the densely forested area.

Rousseau added that he also did as police asked and surveyed his own property. He said that he turned his own property over, and didn’t find anything. The girls and their father were believed to have been in a car crash on Highway 20 in St-Apollinaire on Wednesday evening, heading east on the highway when it skidded into the median, flipped over and landed on the shoulder on the opposite side of the highway. However, the police did not get any occupants inside the car when they arrived. Jocelyne Fortier concluded that the car accident that triggered the investigation happened near her brother’s residence.

Source: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/police-narrow-in-on-heavily-wooded-area-in-quebec-manhunt-1.5020972

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