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A Recent Outbreak in the Okanagan Serves as a Cautionary Tale of what Happens when People Gather for Parties Indoors

The B.C. Interior Health Authority issued an advisory on Friday that eight people( who are in their 20s and 30s) who spent time in several downtown Kelowna locations were tested positive for COVID-19. According to Health Minister Adrian Dix, six of them are from the Lower Mainland, precisely in the Fraser Health regions and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Adrian thanked contact-tracing for assisting health officials decipher the new cases all emanated from private parties held on Canada Day. Dix said that people have to show good judgment concerning the events, and the same risks apply if we are going to a party when we travel or when we go to a party at home. Those who attended the meetings at Boyce Gyro Beach Lodge on July 1 and at Discovery Bay Resort from July 1 to 5 have been asked to self-quarantine.

Some of the infected people who went to the parties also went to other local businesses before being contacted by public health teams. Dr. Silvina Mema, a medical health officer with IHA, stated that there were several individuals in Kelowna at the same time that were there out and about during their period of infectivity, where they were shedding the virus. Silvina stated that those infected were “young people,” and non has had to be hospitalized since they didn’t experience
complications from the disease. If you had visited Cactus Club on Water Street from July 3 to 6 and Pace Spin Studio on Harvey Street on July 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, you are being requested to self-monitor for symptoms.

The Pace was closed for deep cleaning and sanitization on Monday. Paul Venables said that the optics concern them, but they have a very loyal clientele, and everybody knows what they do and what they do in the studio. IHA noted that it has been handling a high number of calls and unscheduled visitors to the local testing center. Those who don’t have symptoms are not required to go for testing, but those with symptoms are asked to call ahead to book an appointment.

Source: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/two-private-canada-day-parties-source-of-kelowna-b-c-outbreak-1.5022443

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Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch is a lawyer by day and journalist in the free time. She likes to fact check and report latest Canadian news.

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