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RCMP Accused of Systematic Racism

Margorie Hudson, one of the first Indigenous women to join the RCMP in Manitoba, has filed a statement of claim against the federal government, alleging that RCMP breached her right to serve Canada in an environment free of discrimination.

The statement of claim which was presented in Federal Court last week, alleges widespread of systematic racism by RCMP, non-racialized members and the management at large. It says Hudson joined the force in 1979 as a special native constable and then as a regular constable but left in 2009 when she could no longer endure the discrimination, disregard for her complaints and the stress and other consequences for her physical and mental health.

The lawsuit further states that the complainant had a high success rate in solving difficult cases, but when she asked to be considered for promotion, “the plaintiff was told that she should be happy the RCMP had recruited her in the first place.”It also alleges Hudson was sent to do “countless dangerous jobs by herself with no backup, in situations where non-racialized RCMP members were not sent alone. According to the statement Hudson was transferred for speaking out.

The spokeswoman for the RCMP, they could not comment further because the case was already presented at the court.

Nonetheless, she said through an email, there was no room for racism, or any other kind of discrimination in the RCMP and the police force was committed to ensuring that its policies and practices were fully inclusive.

Hudson’s lawyer, David A. Klein, said the objective of that action was to bring out a positive change so that those still working in the force and those who would join in the future would not be subjected to such kind of discrimination and racism. Klein is hopeful that the case will be certified as a class action before the year ends.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/proposed-class-action-lawsuit-led-by-former-constable-alleges-racism-in-rcmp-1.5022934

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