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One Analyst Says that the Missing Father Whose Daughters were Found Dead One Week Ago is “Probably Dead”

According to one analyst, the father who went missing after an accident and whose daughters were found dead one week ago in a densely wooded area southwest of Quebec City is “probably dead” unless he has moved to a new location. On Saturday night, the provincial police stated that they had postponed the ground search for Martin Carpentier after ten days of search.

Peter German, the former RCMP deputy commissioner, reported that the 44-year-old is likely to be dead if he is still in the bush.

German said in an interview on Sunday that he thought it’s doubtful after ten days in the woods with a thorough search that Martin would still be in the woods. German also said that it is unlikely that Carpentier would have been able to survive more than a week in the forested area, given the dangerous terrain. German also said that no doubt [police] had done a thorough search in the area where he is believed to have been and ten days in the bush is a long time for anyone to survive, and there’s probably no point in continuing if they haven’t found him after ten days.

He added that he’s probably dead if he’s still there, and if he’s not there, they’re going have to look elsewhere.

According to German, though the police remain determined to find Carpentier, they are changing their approach to the investigation by looking at new leads while keeping public safety in mind. In case he is not in the woods and he somehow got away, German indicated that they’re going to check neighborhoods, connections, family, and everything they can to find Carpentier.

The last time Carpentier and his daughters were seen was on July 8 in their hometown of Levis, Que. According to police, the three were involved in a serious car crash on Highway 20 in Saint-Apollinaire, but no one was inside the wrecked vehicle when officials arrived. Following the accident, an Amber Alert was issued, and the girls were found dead July 11, prompting a search for Carpentier. Police have been having received, processed, validated, and analyzed more than 1,000 reports and have searched over 700 addresses, outbuildings, cottages, and other places to locate or find clues.

German explained that they are getting very many tips, but most of those tips will lead nowhere. Authorities are not making the results public for the autopsies performed on the girls’ bodies have been completed until Carpentier has been located.

The girls will be laid to rest today. German said that this seems to have been a tragic family that matters, but [police] are resolute in wanting to find him, and dead or alive, they will want some closure to this case.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/father-wanted-in-daughters-deaths-probably-dead-if-he-hasn-t-left-the-woods-expert-says-1.5030360

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