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A Bear Cub Nicknamed Kenny Rescued from the Top of a Tree with a Bucket on his Head in Northern Ontario

A bear cub nicknamed Kenny has been rescued from the top of a tree in northern Ontario with a bucket on his head. On Sunday, near Kirkland Lake, Ont., about 140 kilometers southeast of Timmins, Trevor Buchmann and Greg saved the bear after they noticed Kenny stuck in a tree along a body of water. Buchmann indicated that he looked over the edge and saw the big red bucket and realized it was a little bear cub.

Kenny climbed to the very top of the tree after Greg tried to catch it by climbing the tree. Buchmann was able to grab the bear and bring him to shore when Kenny finally rose down from the top and fell into the water. They succeeded in taking off the container, which they believed to be a protein powder jar, and place the bear cub into a kennel. Buchmann said that Kenny was exhausted, and it hadn’t eaten, and it was scared. They had some fresh-picked frozen strawberries, so they gave the bear a whole bunch of their frozen strawberries.

People in the area had seen the bear cub roaming for about a week. However, no one had been able to capture Kenny until this weekend. On Monday, the bear was taken to Bear With Us Centre for Bears. This a specialized rehabilitation center in Sprucedale, Ont., about 350 kilometers south of Kirkland Lake. The founder and president of the center, Mike McIntosh, indicated that Kenny likely got the container at the local dump. Mike has been rescuing bears for 28 years.

Mike added that if something was in that jug that smelled sweet or smelled good, it’s going to lick it even though the cub was looking for food or not. McIntosh expects Kenny first to make friends with some of the other bears at the facility in order to be released from this center next summer. He concluded that the moment he gains back some of his strength, he would be introduced to some of the orphaned cubs right there already.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/exhausted-and-scared-kenny-a-bear-with-a-bucket-on-his-head-rescued-from-tree-1.5033816

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