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Conservatives Ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Resign

Following the government’s cancellation of WE Charity to manage a $912-million federal program, Prime Minister Justin and his chief of staff Katie Telford are scheduled to appear before the House of Commons finance committee on Thursday to testify about this decision.

The anticipated committee meeting will start at 3 pm E.T. Trudeau and Telford will have one hour each to testify and answer questions from members of Parliament who will sit on the committee. WE Charity co-founders, Marc Kielburger and Craig, along with the Charity’s CFO former chair, will appear before the committee on Tuesday.

It is not something usual for Prime ministers to appear before the parliamentary. The last time was over a decade ago when the then-prime minister Stephen Harper appeared before a Senate committee to talk about Senate reform. Harper had nonetheless rejected the invitation to appear before a committee in 2013 to testify about Nigel Wright’s payment to Sen.
Mike Duffy.

In 2017, Liberals shut down an ethics committee attempt to ask the prime minister to give evidence about his vacation on a private island. The same liberals also used their majority to shut down a bid to invite Trudeau to testify about the SNC-Lavalin affair last year.

The finance minister Bill Morneau, whose daughter is currently employed by WE Charity, has already testified before the committee. During the meeting, Morneau unveiled that his wife had made two $50,000 contributions to the organization in recent years. He also disclosed that his family members took two trips in 2017 that WE Charity paid for in part.

Additionally, he said he repaid the $41,000 the charity had initially covered related to the trips.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/trudeau-and-top-aide-to-testify-on-we-affair-thursday-1.5040551

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