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According to Don Martin, there’s a New Perception that Justin Trudeau Even Ignores his Own Advice

On Thursday, Justin Trudeau indicated that it was skeptic for WE Charity to be the key delivery vehicle for a $912-million student volunteer program. The Kielburger brothers were sprung on the prime minister mere minutes before the May 8 cabinet meeting. They are the only organization capable of launching the handout program.

By delaying cabinet consideration pending two weeks of closer scrutiny by the public service, Trudeau spotted the “perception” of his own ethical issues with WE getting the job and “pushed back.” Trudeau also pushed for greater program oversight under the Treasury Board microscope. He was the only individual standing between a premature rubber stamp and a rushed recommendation. Trudeau-supported charity suffering many internal problems was sole-sourced for a highly-unusual government contract to deliver the program, meaning that it was the public service’s fault that a Liberal-connected.

Trudeau said it had to be greenlit by the cabinet after they came back to declare it was either WE or ‘non’ to the entire student program. Something smells very off about Thursday’s revelations though like almost everything else about this controversy.  It doesn’t add up how a twice-convicted ethical violator like Trudeau could not listen to his own inner voice whispering warnings to step away from a decision he admits has now killed the program.

This won’t help the prime minister’s popularity with his base of young people to have their pandemic payoff axed, and it’s already hitting his popularity in the polls. Trudeau mostly delivered on a save-his-skin checklist during this very rare appearance before a parliamentary committee, though, beyond this startling new version of events and some odd timelines that don’t make sense. Even under extreme provocation from always-irritating MP Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau didn’t lose his cool. He re-apologized repeatedly for voting in the cabinet for the WE contract and didn’t smirk once.

He continually showed that the pandemic pandemonium was engulfing an overwhelmed government that didn’t have time to sweat the small details. And he stressed all opportunities that it was all about assisting the children to do good deeds when under lockdown. He intended to switch off the flaming WE dumpster, which has overwhelmed his government but failed terribly. To make the matter even worse, there’s a new perception that this prime minister even ignores his own advice.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/don-martin-s-blog/don-martin-in-a-strange-twist-trudeau-ignores-his-own-red-flags-on-the-we-scandal-1.5045924

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