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Victims of Beirut Explosion Receive Canadian Government Relief

Following the earthquake-level explosion in Beirut that occurred on Tuesday, the Canadian government is providing up to $5 million in relief to help respond to the deadly blast. The explosion which led to the killing of over 100 people, injuring thousands and left many people homeless is believed to have resulted from ignition of ammonium nitrate at the city’s port.

The government agency reported that Canada continued to monitor the situation closely and was in contact with humanitarian organizations in Beirut to understand needs on the ground better. Besides, the agency said Canada stood ready to provide additional assistance to respond to that tragedy, as appropriate.

The Canadian government said Ottawa would commit an initial $1.5 million to trusted partners on the ground including the Lebanese red Cross to help provide emergency medical services, shelter and food to those affected by the blast.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canadian-government-commits-up-to-5m-for-beirut-explosion-relief-1.5052762

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