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A Bridal Photoshoot Turns into a Nightmare Scene

A Lebanese couple is among the people who witnessed the massive explosion which tore through Beirut on Tuesday evening.

Footage captured by the couple’s wedding videographer, Mahmoud Nakib, shows the events that took place during a photo shooting session in a nearly empty square approximately one kilometre from the city’s port.

IsraaSeblani is seen posing happily in her white floor-length wedding gown. Within seconds, the blast can be heard, and it blows away Seblani’s bouquet, which was placed on the train of her dress. People are seen running up and down for safety.

The bride can be seen blown back by the impact of the explosion. At the same time, Nakib is seen rolling as he is pushed down by the tremor.

Another footage posted by Nakib shows the groom and another man helping Seblani with her dress as they continue down the street. A giant mushroom cloud can also be seen in the sky. Alarms are going off in nearby buildings, and the street is seen weighed down with remains.

According to Lebanon’s health minister, the blast was caused by a fire that set off more than 2,750 tonnes of explosive ammonium nitrate at a warehouse in Beirut’s port. The explosion killed over 100 people, injured thousands and left many homeless.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/a-bridal-photoshoot-captured-the-moment-of-massive-explosion-in-beirut-1.5052259

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