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Fear Engulf the Public as COVID-19 Infections Soar in B.C.

British Columbia recorded 83 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday pushing the province’s caseload to a new record high. The total number of cases recorded locally since the start of the pandemic stands at 4,677. A total of 3,704 have recovered, and 198 patients have succumbed to the disease as of Tuesday’s record. The province has been registering about 80 new cases per day for the last seven days, which has created fear among the public.

The deputy provincial health officer Dr. Reka Gustafson and B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix said even though the number of people sick enough to require hospitalization remained low, there still was a very real danger that young and healthy people could unknowingly spread the coronavirus to older and more vulnerable citizens, including their family members.

Gustafson and Dix urged people to use their layers of protection, giving themselves and those around them the space to stay safe no matter what they were doing or where they may be. They said that is how they can protect their communities and stay strong. Addditionallly, the two said seeing friends might seem safe, but if they are in close contact with an elderly family member, their visit may unconsciously put them at risk.

There are currently 2,326 people under “active public health monitoring” across the province. Three COVID-19 patients out of six patients in the hospital are in intensive care units. According to the officials, there is a great reduction in the number of patients hospitalized, which is an indication of reduced severity of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the health officials have asked everyone in B.C. to take quarantine seriously. They insisted that it was essential that anyone advised to self-isolate stays home, and stays away from others, for the full 14-day period because people with very mild symptoms can also spread the virus.

Source: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/another-83-covid-19-infections-in-b-c-as-province-sets-new-caseload-record-1.5068957

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Melissa Critch

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