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Trudeau’s Discloses the Factors he Will Consider before Sending His Kids to School

As the Canadians prepare for the reopening of schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many are in a dilemma, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The prime minister revealed during a press conference that he hadn’t decided whether his three children, who attend public school in Ontario, would be returning to school in September.

Trudeau said, like so many parents, that’s something they were in very active discussions. He emphasized that there were many factors his family was considering to decide whether to send the kids back to school. They were looking at what the school’s plans were, class sizes, as well as how the kids were feeling about wearing masks.

The prime minister said as a federal government, they would be there to support the provinces as they made important decisions to ensure that all their kids had the opportunity to be safe as the school year began. Besides, he said he knew lots of parents were going to be watching carefully what their local school and schoolboard’s plans were going to be.

Reopening of schools was announced in late July, but parents and teachers’ unions were against it. The Toronto District School Board came up with a new proposal that recommended reducing the normal size of classrooms and hiring 200 extra teachers, but the Ontario government rejected Monday. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, has given the province’s plan his stamp of approval, but has stressed that there is “no such thing as a totally risk-free setting.”

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/trudeau-hasn-t-decided-whether-to-send-his-kids-back-to-school-1.5069924

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