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Find Out Why Mosquitos are More Attracted to Certain People

Did you know that mosquitoes are more active during the full moon, and they can bite up to 500 percent more? This is according to research carried out in 1975. August 20 was crowned as the “World Mosquito Day” because this was the day when Sir Ronald Ross confirmed that mosquitos carried the malaria parasite in 1897. Though tiny, the mosquitoes can cause deadly diseases and make you uncomfortable with their itchy bites. Being a Mosquito Day, you should know some facts about these insects. There are several various types of mosquitos, classified into different species, and only the female mosquitos suck blood. Research shows around 40 species of the mosquito genus Anopheles can spread malaria to a human being. About 80 different species of mosquitoes live in Canada — 64 species co-existing in Ontario alone.

Studies show that there are more mosquitoes during a full moon. You can keep yourself safe from the mosquito bites by staying indoors when the moon is full or by using sprays, wearable devices, or natural products billed as repellents. A 2017 research found that spray-on repellants containing N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, and p-menthane-3,8-diol had the highest effectiveness in resisting mosquitoes. The research used five wearable devices and found that only one which released Metofluthrin was effective, while Citronella candles had zero effect when it came to repelling mosquitos. On the other hand, natural ingredients were found to provide less than three hours of protection, on average, and the inclusion of essential oils as an ingredient did not seem to provide any benefit. Other studies found Geranium, peppermint cedarwood, and clove oils clove can keep away mosquitos for more than hour.

Surprisingly genetics can determine who the mosquitoes bite. A research carried out in 2004 suggested that even though natural ingredients and essential oils can be used as repellants, some people may be more attractive to mosquitos naturally. The study found that people with blood type O were more likely to attract mosquitos. A similar study in 2015 examined how mosquitos were attracted to identical twins against non-identical twins. The study pointed out that there is a genetic element in every individual’s natural scent. The people who are less bitten by the mosquitoes produce their natural repellents.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/are-mosquitos-more-active-in-moonlight-some-facts-to-help-you-avoid-them-1.5073188

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