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The Search for an Effective Treatment is Another Ongoing Pursuit as Scientists Compete in Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine

There is another continuing quest: the search for an effective treatment as scientists compete in developing a coronavirus vaccine. Scientists around the globe are testing a variety of medications for their ability to reduce the advancement of the virus and enhance survival among hospitalized patients. This is because an approved COVID-19 shot will likely be available to the arms of Canadians after many months.

Antiviral drugs, which are mainly already applied for different illnesses, are at the front position of much of the research. This includes the World Health Organization’s major multinational “Solidarity” trial, which comprises of more than 100 countries. Since the early days of the pandemic, researchers have been making a lot of headway.

This week, Dr Srinivas Murthy, the principal investigator with the Canadian arm of the WHO Solidarity trial, stated that they are beginning to note rates of death from hospitalized patients reduce around the universe. He added that people are getting better though they need to be even better than that.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/treatment-tracker-the-top-contenders-to-treat-the-novel-coronavirus-1.5078578

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