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Canadians have the Privilege to Travel to Nearly 50 International Destinations without being Quarantined on Arrival

Canadians are among the biggest travelers in the world, but since the novel coronavirus hit Canada, the travel plans of many Canadians were postponed, and some canceled. Now, the flights have resumed, and the Canadians have the privilege to travel to nearly 50 international destinations that aren’t requiring them to quarantine on arrival. The Canadians returning from abroad will undergo compulsory 14-day quarantine. Those who fail to adhere to the restrictions will pay a fine of $750,000 and six months in prison. The country has also extended through Sept. 30 its international travel restrictions banning all non-residents from entering the country.

KashleeKucheran, C.E.O., and editor of travel blog Travel Off Path said Canadians were seen as desirable tourists abroad, as their case numbers were considerably low and had been regarded worldwide as successfully managed the pandemic. Besides, he said because of that, many nations that had banned other higher-risk countries, mainly the U.S.A., were allowing Canadian tourists in without restrictions.


TulliaMarcolongo, executive director of the Toronto-based International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers, urged those who were traveling to be fully versed in entry requirements and in what was happening with the virus in their destination. She asked them to consider some factors such as quarantine requirements, whether the place they were going was overwhelmed with COVID, whether the health-care system was overwhelmed, and above all, whether the trip was worth all of that. Potential travelers were also advised to research what would be open to them as tourists and to really think about what it would be like to spend much of their time wearing masks, and then to have to return to Canada and go into 14 days of isolation.

Similarly, the Federal Government warned those traveling abroad that international travel restrictions were changing quickly and may be imposed by countries with little warning. It also asked them to be aware that commercial airspace closures and movement restrictions could occur without notice and could prevent their return to Canada. All the citizens traveling abroad are required to register with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service to allow for emergency notification and to ensure travel medical insurance covers COVID-19.

Marion Joppe, a professor of tourism management at the University of Guelph, also gave a warning to the people planning to travel abroad. She asked them to keep in mind of the quarantine period. She also pointed out that some countries were requiring visitors to provide proof of coverage, and it’s a huge risk to travel in a pandemic without it. She asked any Canadian planning to travel to do their research about coverage, even if they were traveling within Canada. Joppe also reminded the travelers that international restrictions were changing rapidly, especially as some regions were experiencing a second wave in cases. Countries may approve travel from Canada one day and ban it the next.


Canada is ranked seventh in the world on spending on international travel. Statistics show Canadian residents took 316 million domestic and international trips in 2018, spending close to $84 billion. While considering the situation in different countries, authorities are urging Canadians to explore Canada instead of going abroad. Despite the warnings given and the strict measures put forth by other countries, there is no doubt that the Canadians will still travel.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/where-can-canadians-travel-right-now-your-ultimate-guide-to-jetting-off-1.5087454

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