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The Bar Kirouac in Quebec City is the Source of a Recent Outbreak Responsible for at Least 40 New COVID-19 Cases

Everyone who frequented bars in the city’s Saint-Sauveur neighborhood is being encouraged by Quebec City’s director of public health to get tested for COVID-19. This is because of a recent outbreak that began in a karaoke bar spreading into at least three schools in the region. With the number climbing quickly, Dr. Jacques Girard said that the Bar Kirouac was the cause of a new outbreak that has been liable for at least 40 new positive cases.

Girard said it was clear Kirouac was the origin of the flare-up, and it was as if people forgot the virus was still with them. Girard added that people are never sheltered from someone who might be a carrier. He said that the infections that people got from the bar resulted to new cases as three of the five Quebec City learning centers had announed COVID-19 cases.

He also stated that they are pretty sure that three positive cases from children got the virus from somebody who was celebrating something in the bar. He added that when people went home unaware that they were infected, the virus began spreading beyond the bar on Aug. 23. The bar could be charged for not observing public health safety measures. However, he said that the best direction the government could take was convincing establishments and patrons that were complying with health measures.

He also said that the best tool they had was convincing them that it’s not trivial to go in those places.  Girard noted that singing, in general, has been shown to carry a risk of spreading infection and had spoken to the director of public health Horacio Arruda on the possibility of banning karaoke from bars during the health crisis. Girard said all-singing poses a problem, and he would not go to karaoke. He said karaoke is a high-risk activity. At a separate news conference, Arruda said that he was concerned about the upcoming holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

He added that people would like to sing at Christmas time and Halloween. He said such a celebration would make Canada go back to the reflexes we had before.  Arruda indicated that public health was forced to reveal information to the public that would have otherwise been kept private because the bar could not set up a contact registry and been able to trace all clients. Public health officials are inspecting bars in the region to make sure they are adhering to health measures.

Source: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/high-risk-karaoke-linked-to-covid-19-outbreak-that-hit-three-quebec-city-schools-1.5089695

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