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Consider Using a Mask During Sexual Activity, a Canadian Health Expert Says

For those attempting to date during this pandemic, Canada’s top doctor has dispensed some important sexual education today, topic: consider wearing a mask during sex. On Wednesday, Dr. Theresa Tam educated people through a statement on how best people should keep themselves safe from COVID-19 while engaging in sexual intercourse.

She said in the statement that sexual health is an essential part of our overall health. However, she noted that in the time of COVID-19, sex could be complicated. This is more often in people whose sexual partner is at higher risk for COVID-19 or those without an intimate partner in their household. Theresa said there are ways to make sex with others safer during the pandemic, while obviously, the sexual activity with the lowest risk “involves yourself alone.” She added that trusting that your partner is following COVID-19 precautions and will be honest with you if they experience symptoms is the most crucial part.

She also suggested that Canadians should make sure they are aware of whether their partner is at a high risk of COVID-19, and limit their use of alcohol or substances that might make a couple make unsafe decisions around sex. Tam noted that present evidence shows that there is a very low likelihood of getting the novel coronavirus through semen or vaginal fluids. She cautioned that sexual activity with new partners increases your risk of getting or passing COVID-19 through close contact, like kissing, even if the people involved do not have symptoms.

Tam suggested that during sex, couples should skip kissing and avoid “face-to-face contact or closeness” or “consider using a mask that covers the nose and mouth.” She noted that Canadians could find ways of enjoying physical intimacy while safeguarding the progress they have all made in containing COVID-19 by taking these precautions and staying conscious of the risks they assume. She also provided an update on COVID-19 numbers in Canada, by indicating that 88.5 percent of the 129,425 people who contracted the virus have recuperated.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-s-top-doctor-consider-using-a-mask-during-sexual-activity-1.5090359

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