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Alberta Wants to Hire a Contractor to Study the Benefits and Costs of a Proposed Provincial Police Force

The Alberta government wants to employ a contractor to study the benefits and costs of a suggested provincial police force that might replace the RCMP. According to the online job postings, the province needs the contractor to do a feasibility assessment of a potential changeover from the RCMP to an Alberta Provincial Police Service. The person who would oversee a team that is to provide an evidence-based and objective evaluation of the idea is an executive manager with a salary of up to $164,000.

In June, the provincial government’s Fair Deal Panel said the RCMP had become too bureaucratically inflexible, and smaller communities were not getting enough front-line officers. Thus, it suggested the establishment of a provincial police force.

According to the government website, the new transition study will assist the government as it deliberates on the suggestion. An Alberta Justice spokesman, Blaise Boehmer, stated that until after a final report based research is completed by April 30, 2021, a final verdict to replace the RCMP wouldn’t be made.

On Thursday night, he said that no decisions had been made on if to replace the RCMP in Alberta with a provincial police service. He added that they had a duty to explore if new methods of policing could enhance the safety and security of Albertans and their property. Blaise stated they have an obligation to follow up on the panel’s findings and study if there is a better way to protect the communities because rural Albertans had told the Fair Deal Panel about their frustrations with rural policing.

The government’s demand for suggestions is looking for a contractor to carry out research that would survey key queries on creating a provincial police service to replace the RCMP. This includes operational requirements, processes, and costs.

According to Boehmer, the research will cost a maximum of $2 million. The time for applying for the job has elapsed as it was earlier this week.

Source: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/alberta-hiring-staff-for-feasibility-study-of-replacing-rcmp-with-new-force-1.5100535

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