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COVID-19 Patients Report Breathing Difficulty, Excessive Fatigue Many Months after Infection

Life hasn’t been the same for Lucy Gahan since she contracted COVID-19. Gahan, a clinical psychologist in Shrewsbury, UK, hasn’t been able to return to work five months after contracting the disease. Gahan says that the disease is agonizing her. COVID-19 causes her to experience shortness of breath, increased heart rates after some simple tasks, and sometimes numbness in her hands and legs.

Before she contracted the disease, Gahan used to take regular exercises. When she contracted the disease, she was too ill even to talk or do her regular yoga. Gahan is one of the thousands of people worldwide whose life has been worsened by COVID-19 for months. According to a paper yet to be vetted and published by medRxix, the majority of those hospitalized for COVID-19 could end up being long term carriers of the disease.

Researchers from the Academic Respiratory Unit of North Bristol also learned that 74 percent of the patient released from the hospital continued to exhibit fatigue and breathlessness symptoms. They also found that 12 percent of the patient had an abnormal chest x-ray, which also showed that the lungs’ functions were being restricted. In August, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) released a guideline on how healthcare providers should treat long term carriers of COVID-19.

The paper estimated that 10 percent of the people who will contract the disease could have a prolonged illness. Besides, early when the disease began, many medical professionals believed that the patients would remain ill for a few weeks, then the virus will clear. However, that turns out not the case to everyone. According to the BMJ guide, the prolonging of the virus is due to weak or absent antibody. The continued symptoms have also been quoted to have occurred to patients who contracted SARS and MERS.

According to a New York-based physical therapist, Noah Greenspan, the prolonged illness is dues to neurological dysfunction, which affects the heart and the lungs. Greenspan added that the dysfunction causes miscommunication between the automatic nervous system and the body organs. Many COVID-19 patients continue to remain sick months after contracting the disease. Nasty neurological symptoms continue to plague their life, and it isn’t easy to know which direction to take.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/months-after-infection-covid-19-patients-report-breathing-difficulty-excessive-fatigue-1.5102886

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