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Fear of a Second Shutdown in Ontario Following a Surge in New Cases of Covid-19 Infections

Ontario Premier Douglas Ford, on Monday, said that the possibility of the second shutdown is still on the table. Ford’s comment came after the province reported a surge in the new cases of COVID-19. The Premier made it clear that the province was considering all options.

Monday spike in the cases of COVID-19 was the largest since the beginning of June. Ford said this was a cause of concern, and they might consider rolling the shutdown on the basis of regions. According to Ford, Ontario has three to four COVID-19 hotspots.

Among the regions that reported the highest new cases on Monday are Toronto, with 112 points, Peel region 71, while Ottawa had 60. Cases of new infections reported in the other regions were fewer than 10, except for York Region, which reported 14 new infections.

Ford urged the people across the province to cease all sorts of social gatherings, which he blamed for the increased new cases. He said that social gatherings were a significant problem and had to stop. He added that the majority of the people were adhering to the protocols, although there were few who didn’t.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot said that the increased new cases were a cause of concern. Although the second shutdown wasn’t an option, they have to reconsider. The second shutdown won’t be like the first one. Tighter restrictions will be put in place not for the entire province but on a regional basis.

Last week, government sources said that Ontario is prepared for the second wave of COVID-19. The details of the plans are yet to be given but are said to include a massive flu vaccination which Ontario has never experienced. The funding of surgery backlog and hospital capacity was also in the plan.

The reopening of Ontario has been paused following the increase of new cases of COVID-19. Based on the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s advice, the province will take another four weeks before they reconsider loosening health restrictions or reopening of business, institutions, and facilitates.

Elliot says that the decision wasn’t made lightly. They are concerned about the safety of students in schools. According to Elliot, health security in school will depend on the community. Elliot hinted that the spread of infections in the community would also cause infections in schools.

Source: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/shutdown-not-off-the-table-for-ontario-after-disturbing-spike-in-covid-19-infections-1.5103542

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