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Severe Wildfire Devastations in U.S. West Coast and Parts of Canada

Wildfires burning in California, Washington, and the Oregon States are reported to have killed 35 people. Over 4.6 million acres have been consumed in the West alone, and unprecedented environmental damage was done. The air quality is worsening as a swath of smoke across the States and reaching parts of Canada.

On the U.S West Coast, smoke is being blown reaching Midwest, Upstate New York, and Canada. The smoke is being blown in two swaths. One is blowing across the upper Western U.S through Michigan, Rochester, New York, and the Great Lakes Regions.

The other swath of smoke is being blown across the Southwest, traversing through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and reaching Mid-Atlantic. The information is being provided by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmosphere Office of Satellite and Product Operations. Satellite images show that the smoke has reached Toronto, Ottawa, North Vancouver, and Calgary.

However, some States have been spared by the smoke, including Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

Most of the eastern states’ air quality has not been affected by the smoke. Air quality in New York, North Dakota, is still good although smoke has traversed through. States where smoke is being considered hazardous include parts of California, Oregon, and Washington.

This year fie season is the most severe. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 87 active wildfires are raging in 10 states. In California alone, over 3 million acres have already been consumed. According to the Climate Scientist, the dangerous wildfire is being fueled by the increased global temperatures.

The scientist warns that there could be a far worse disaster coming if humans do not mitigate the activities that increase climate change. They added that wildfires are already becoming a norm. The hot and dry conditions which are conducive for wildfires are the product of climate change.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/smoke-from-the-u-s-wildfires-has-reached-six-canadian-provinces-1.5104388

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