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Canadian Politicians and Health Officials Say there Could be a Second Shutdown in Some Parts of the Country

According to politicians and health officials, the second wave of COVID-19 restrictions could soon be imposed in Canada.

However, the second lockdown might be different from the first one, according to Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious disease physician. Chagla says a popular misconception is that the virus is being spread by young people partying together.

Contrary to the belief, Chagla says that the virus is being spread by families with get-togethers such as wedding celebrations.

Chagla agrees that the communities need to understand that COVID-19 is not yet gone. They thus ought to protect their families. In doing so, Chagla says that the outdoor facilities and restaurants should be equipped to reduce the infections, especially in the coming winter season. Currently, the country is reporting long lines in COVID-19 testing in the centers.

The challenge of large turnout is being addressed by the federal, whereby billions of money have been pledged to address the issue and improve pandemic measures.

Dr . Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist, says that the long lines in testing centers are caused by factors such as limited testing capacity and increased desire by the populace to be tested. Bogoch added that the elements should be addressed now when the cases are rising. Besides, the testing capacity is currently better compared to when the pandemic started. However, Bogoch says that it is not where they need to be. Recently, testing centers have been opened in Laval, Edmonton, and Quebec. Another center is set to be opened in Brampton, Ontario. However, Bogoch believes that is still not enough.

Bogoch believes that the public should be informed when to get tested to address testing capacity. According to Bogoch, people should be tested when they have infections symptoms, when at risk of infection, or exposed to infections. He, however, caution against turning away individuals in the testing centers. Apart from the testing issues, preventing the virus’s spread remains an essential part of managing the recent COVID-19 spike. The province of Ontario is planning to announce a new restriction to reduce new cases of COVID-19. The region is planning to limit social gatherings.

Bogoch praised Ontario’s decision to limit gathering in hotspots terming it as the right move. He added that the province would soon see the benefit of the action. Other provinces experiencing an increase in cases of COVID-19 may embrace a similar measure. Quebec government has also announced new measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including handling of fines up to $6,000 for those found not wearing a face mask in public spaces or transit, banning of karaoke, and ordering bars to keep a record of clients.

In B.C., the government has ordered the closure of banquet halls and nightclubs. The restaurants operating hours have also been reduced. In a press last week, Dr. Bonnie Henry, a health official, said the decision was made to keep the community safe in the coming months. In a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer, reminded the public to be cautious in public spaces. Theresa also affirmed that they must sanitize regularly, wear a face mask, and clean rooms after an event.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/covid-19-in-canada-what-a-second-shutdown-might-look-like-1.5108631

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