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Influenza Likely to Hit Canada Amid the Second Wave of COVID-19

Canada has experienced a significant surge in COVID-19 cases over the past week. New modelling has shown that the country is likely to experience a second wave of the virus if the country maintains its current rate of contacts. A group of emergency physicians has warned the state of a predictable wave of influenza which could overwhelm the health-care system amid the second wave of Covid-19.

Dr AtulKapur, the co-chair of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), said Canadian hospitals were already suffering from a “chronic situation of overcrowding and expect it only to get worse soon. He urged the Canadians to get the flu vaccine to reduce the potential burden the health-care system is likely to face.

CAEP released a series of recommendations Tuesday for the short-, intermediate- and long-term intended to help physicians through a second wave of the pandemic during the flu season. Kapur said they were dealing with it not just as caregivers to their patients, but also in their roles as family members. Besides, he said stress was continuing and wearing, and they’re looking to see that supports were being put in place to help their members and all health-care providers.

Whereas it’s uncertain as to when it’s suitable to call the COVID-19 situation in Canada a “second wave,” DR. Kapur asked the Canadians to adhere to all the public health guidelines. He said they knew it’s difficult, but it was so vitally important.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/emergency-physicians-worry-combination-of-covid-19-and-flu-season-will-overwhelm-system-1.5116092

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