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Many Canadian Women are Quitting Jobs for Parenting During this pandemic

Since the COVID-19 began in Canada, the lives of people have changed. People are adapting to physical, social distancing by embracing working remotely. As the country prepares for the second wave of the virus, parents find it relevant to pause their careers for their children’s sake.

Karen Sibal, a magazine publisher, is one of the parents who is leaving her business for her children’s sake. She feels that her children need stability as they navigate towards new realities. Sibal did this to ensure that her children will never lose focus on their future. According to Sibal, the pandemic is causing children to be discouraged about their future job prospects.

Another resident of Ontario, Andrea Milne, has decided to quit her job due to fear of the second wave of COVID-19. Milne added that she is now working on personal projects while she takes care of her daughter. However, Milne is lucky given that her husband is a professor and will support them while caring for their daughter.

Milne feels that she will not return to her job until a vaccine is found. Milne says that there is no need to return to the position given that a second lockdown will be in place anytime in case of the second wave of COVID-19 infection. Milne will relish taking care of her daughter. Milne and Sibal’s stories are some of the women’s reactions to the current pandemic.

A recent survey about Canadian women found that women are showing willingness than men to quit their job so that they can help their children attend virtual classes. The survey also showed that women are likely than men to turn down job promotions and other offers to have time with their family. Statistics Canada also found that 298 500 women aged 25 to 54 lost their jobs compared to 127 600 men in the same age bracket in the first stage of the lockdown. In March, 63 percent of jobs lost were by women. Many experts worry that if the trend continues, it might impact the female workforce.

Experts now fear that the country might get back to discriminatory practices of an unbalanced workforce. Another worry is that programs that support women might fail or lower support. Before deciding to quit their job, women are encouraged to do some research and understand whether there are rules for securing their jobs when on leave or absent. Meanwhile, staying at home taking care of children when doing some personal project is also a better way of balancing work and parenting.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/why-some-parents-are-putting-their-careers-on-hold-for-kids-amid-covid-19-1.5119263

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