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Joe Biden Makes His Second Trip to Florida as Trump Recovers From the Coronavirus

As the United States elections approach, the candidates are doing the best they can to reach out to people in all the states. Unfortunately, Donald Trump tested positive for COVID, and he might miss some campaigns. Meanwhile, Joe Biden made his second trip to Florida in a little over two weeks on Monday. During his campaign, Biden diverted from his usual campaign speech about rebuilding the economy after the pandemic and said Miami’s richness and beauty were built with the connections of family, culture, and values that they shared with their friends throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

He also wished Trump a speedy recovery but criticized his administration’s response to the pandemic.

Joe Biden is doing all he can to ensure he put Trump on defense across the country and build an advantage in the Electoral College so large that the president might struggle to contest it. Biden has another trip scheduled Monday to Arizona. He plans to spend $4 million on advertising in Georgia and over $6 million in television airtime in Texas.

Democrats have asked Biden to be careful in expanding his map. They said he should not make the mistake Hillary Clinton made in 2016; Hillary Clinton focused on Republican-leaning states like North Carolina and Arizona in the final weeks, only to lose the ones that long supported Democrats, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Some of Trump’s contacts have tested positive. Biden is also among the people who interacted with Trump as he shared a stage with the president during last week’s first presidential primary debate, but he has tested negative. He said he has since been tested three times, all with negative results. His campaign team has promised he will be tested regularly and has committed to releasing all the test-results.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/america-votes/biden-aims-to-expand-map-as-trump-recovers-from-covid-19-1.5133795

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