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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Reveals Why He Decided to Take a COVID-19 Test

Since COVID-19 hit Canada, Canadians were advised to take various health precautions and self-quarantine in case of any related COVID-19 symptoms and get tested. For the first time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke publicly about being tested for the virus. His office had earlier reported the Prime Minister was last tested for COVID-19 in August, after coming down with what he described as a “throat tickle.”

Trudeau told reporters Monday the test was in early September and later confirmed that he consulted his doctor on Aug. 27 because he felt a sore throat coming on. He isolated, got tested on the advice of his doctor that day, and returned to work after the test came back negative the next day. The prime minister unveiled this matter when he was asked about the ongoing issue in the United States.

Trudeau doesn’t seem to support the idea of revealing the test results of political figures as it is in Washington. That makes people wonder whether he was tested in August, as he mentioned earlier. Sometime back, his wife, Sophie Gregoire, tested positive for COVID-19. Trudeau did not take a COVID-19 test as he was asymptomatic and remained in quarantine until his family was given the all-clear.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/throat-tickle-prompted-pm-trudeau-to-be-tested-for-covid-19-1.5133380

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