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Chinese Businessman Under Gambling Investigation Met with PM Trudeau – Twice!

A bit of a scandal for Canada’s Prime Minister. Allegedly, Trudeau met with a Chinese businessman under scrutiny for illegal gambling. A police investigation has revealed some interesting news.

To recap, the York Regional Police in Ontario named their investigation, “Project End Game.” It had been going on for three months and resulted in busting thirty-two people, CDN one million in cash, well over a million in premium alcohol and about nine million in total assets.

The illegal gambling and spa operation nabbed businessman, Wei Wei, who was arrested after the police raid on his home outside Toronto. But word is now out that he met with Justin Trudeau in 2016 along with other Chinese-Canadian business leaders ad the China Cultural Industry Association. It was for the purpose of fostering better relations between China and Canada.

The second “meeting” was at a Liberal Party fundraiser this year that included thirty Chinese-Canadian business leaders. As a result, it was reported that Trudeau had violated campaign ethics and party doctrine. Fundraisers cannot invite anyone wishing to do business with the Canadian government.

In addition, Wei made three donations to the Liberal Party, although none went directly to the Prime Minister.

Wei came to Canada ten years ago with the investor-immigrant program. He proceeded to purchase properties in the Greater Metropolitan Area. He went on to co-chair Canada’s China Chamber of Commerce Association.

The bust at Wei’s house was enormous and included 48-year-old Xiang Yue Chen, Wei’s wife, and Chen Wei, Wei Wei’s 25-year-old daughter. In addition to violating gambling laws, Wei also faces eleven charges that entail the unsafe storage of a firearm, unauthorized firearm possession, and selling liquor without a license.

Underground casinos like Wei’s are very profitable and may fund illegal ventures such as prostitution and human and drug trafficking. According to York Police Chief Jim MacSween,

“This illegal high-stakes gambling also leads to gun violence, armed robberies, kidnappings, extortion, and other serious violent offenses within our community.”

Source: https://www.casino.org/news/businessman-at-heart-of-canadian-gambling-probel-met-pm-trudeau/

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