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System to Donate Change at Casinos Created by Genius Entrepreneur

Some people are quite ingenious. Apparently this is true of Greg Zilba, an entrepreneur with experience building slots and designing gambling software.

Now he has devised a great way to donate the excess change accumulated by casino gamblers after leaving the slot machines. They can donate it to charity! This is a feel good proposition for sure. Imagine the thousands in loose change.

He calls his proposition “Casino Cares.” It is a nonprofit company that lies between the casino and the donor. Gamblers can use redemption kiosks when they cash in their winnings. His new software gives them a choice of charities. The casino gets a nice publicity boost in return.

It is such a great idea that many have jumped on the bandwagon like the M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas, among many others on the Strip and nationwide. In Zilba’s words,

“I just keep fighting because i believe in this product. So far we’ve
produced tens of millions in donations and given away millions.”

Here is how it works: the redemption kiosk will ask if you’d like to donate. It will spit out a voucher for the coins you will take to the cashier’s window. Per reports, the benefit has been considerable to the charities of choice. There are over 150 participating organizations, local and national.

In Oklahoma, the Native American casinos have helped the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. National charities include Toys for Tots, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and Green Our Planet.

According to Alan Silver, an assistant professor at Ohio University and a casino gaming expert, .

“Logistically, it might be a nightmare to track small change, what goes in and
what goes out and what goes to the charity. But they found a way and I’ve seen it.”

For sure the industry’s come light years away from when Zilba started working with it in the 1990s. The gaming world is almost completely electronic. Now he is planning a way to donate change right at the player’s slot.

“Let’s say you’re betting dollars and after a while you have just 70 cents left. A prompt would come up and say, ‘Do you want to donate that 70 cents to charity?’”

We are all grateful for clever minds like his.

Source: https://www.toledoblade.com/business/development/2020/10/14/casino-cares-donating-change-gregory-zilba/stories/20201013126

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