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Erik King Shares Info on Online Casino Guide Gambla.com

Erik King, Editor in Chief of Gambla.com, has much to say about online casinos, iGaming and how cryptocurrencies are a popular deposit method in the industry. He heads a team of website developers for Gambla, Zamsno and Zlots.com.

Gambla in particular has a unique position in this mix. It is a casino guide for new players. In fact, each time one visits the site, a tree is planted. What a way for entertainment and charity to merge!

Those seeking the site have only to Google the name or catch an online ad. Of note, Gambla prefers online to land-based gambling, part of its “green initiative.” The goal is to decrease the stress on the environment.

One of the goals is to direct users to reputable online sites. There are many shady venues per King. Players need safe places to frequent. They need good local payment providers like Interac in Canada that has engendered local trust. Such options are now replacing credit and debit card deposits.

A lot of news revolves these days are crypto users. Cryptocurrencies have brought in a new clientele. The technology from the crypto space has helped the industry evolve into the future. Micropayments are one of the best new methods.

According to King, it is interesting that players have assets in cryptocurrencies, so why not use them. After all, such currencies are usually savings not needed for daily living. For sure they have improved affiliate marketing click-through rates as well.

Source: https://bitcoinist.com/interview-with-online-casino-guide-gambla-com-founder-erik-king/

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