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Status of Online Betting in Canada Despite COVID-19

It has been a tough time for the gambling industry in Canada, as elsewhere. So what is happening with online betting now? It is more popular than ever with increasing demand. Profits are rising as a result.

New players are joining the ranks given the ease of tablets and smartphones to participate from anywhere at any time. This has helped online betting recover from its downturn earlier in the year.

It doesn’t hurt that matches, games, tournaments and races are back in action. Now many sportsbooks offer both sports betting services and casino games, but live events are still not allowing spectators. Thus players are turning more and more to online gambling.

They have more choices now with football, table tennis, horse racing, and eSports. There are competitive odds on most everything.

There are psychological reasons for the onrush to online betting. Think of the widespread boredom of staying at home for hours on end given the closure of many businesses. People are cut off from their normal activities of work and leisure. They can’t even see most of their friends. Online betting is a great way to stay busy and engaged.

Additionally, so many people are out of work as their places of business have been shut down to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Why not make some cash online as a sports fan? It is more than wonderful to see the return of most sports in the world.

Source: https://mtltimes.ca/Montreal/social-life/did-online-betting-recover-after-covid-19-in-canada/

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Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch is a lawyer by day and journalist in the free time. She likes to fact check and report latest Canadian news.

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