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Online Casinos are Thriving in Many Countries

Fans of online casinos are legion. It is certainly true that the internet has a global audience for gambling. However, it is illegal in many countries. Each one has local laws and regulatory bodies.

Players have to check where they wish to engage in online activity. New laws are always popping up so it is an on-going task to see who is licensed and who is not.

Where to Gamble Online?

If you look across the globe, you will find many places to indulge your desire to partake in online casinos. There is no dearth of sites available in the UK, Japan, Spain, Germany, India, Denmark, New Zealand, and some states in the U.S.

There will no doubt be more as online gambling gains traction worldwide. In fact, the number of countries that have legalized online gambling is growing continuously.

However, there may be stringent laws in this regard. In the UK, for example, online casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Operators must abide by strict rules put in place in the player’s best interest.

Japan, even though it is the Far East oasis of gambling entertainment, regulates the industry with an iron fist. Players who play at an online casino are assured a safe and secure environment. Online operators apply for a license before offering Japanese punters access to their games.

As for Spain, legalized gambling has been around since 2011. Prospective casinos and bookies can apply for online casino licenses with relative ease.. Gaming regulation occurs at the federal level and the rules are imposed by local political units. Online casino enthusiasts in Spain are allowed access to many operators licensed by the Spanish Gaming Act.

German citizens have a vast amount of money available for online gambling given the robust economy. But German law is stringent and fully regulated. Operators headquartered outside the country are available.

In total, thirty-two countries prohibit local operators from attracting players without a license. Many accept operators from abroad if they qualify. These include Armenia, Seychelles, Greece, Monaco, Canada, Norway, Sweden and many more.

Legal online operators get the most advantages. They can offer their services international, in Austria, Finland, France, Denmark, United Kingdom and the Netherlands – but only with local licenses.

Of note, numerous countries do not prohibit online casinos, nor do they license them,, including the Bahamas, Venezuela, Argentina, Kenya, Bolivia and Kosovo.

Source: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/11/16/countries-that-allow-online-casinos/


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