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I-Gaming Innovations Include Crypto-Payments

It was long in coming but it is here. The I-Gaming industry has a technological innovation to be proud of. As the most popular trend these days, it is no surprise that it has adopted crypto payments among several noteworthy changes like cloud-based gaming and artificial intelligence in gaming.

Technology abounds

New technologies are revolutionizing the player’s experience. Among them are Virtual Reality and Augmented reality that make online gaming more immersive and interactive. Think of what Google Samsung are doing to enhance mobile devices.

Cloud gaming technology helps those who do not have access to the latest gaming hardware. New games now require larger resolution, higher refresh rates, and more GPU. In other words, they are hardware intensive.

Cloud gaming enables streaming games or files. Platforms like GeForce now offer this option and cross-platform gaming as well.

What is so great about Artificial intelligence? After all, it is part of our daily life experience as seen in ads and personalized services. Netflix is at the forefront of course along with various gaming sites.

No wonder casino software providers are so focused on the mobile market. Of note, over 70% of Canadians play games on their mobile devices.

Payment plans

The internet to become a more secure platform for transactions. There are a variety of payment methods including cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, bank transfer, etc. The industry has had to keep up with the times.

Every new innovation helps I-gaming flourish. The key to staying ahead is to constantly evolving, creating new gaming solutions through technological expertise and innovative gaming moments. Accepting cryptocurrencies is part of the plan for future growth.

Source: https://powerup-gaming.com/2020/11/22/i-gaming-innovations-from-virtual-reality-to-crypto-payments/

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