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British Columbia

Secret Recording Reveals Dirty Money in BC

British Columbia’s rampant money-laundering problem is getting more ink. New developments are mounting. Now former top RCMP Mountie Peter German has revealed the results of his investigation of suspicious activity in the province’s casinos.

When he was deputy commissioner for Western Canada, he was the author of two reports in 2016, the first entitled “Dirty Money.” The topic is obvious. It exposed what went down in the VIP rooms.

The second report tackled horse racing, luxury vehicles, and real estate. At the time, BC attorney general David Eby had been shocked by the extent of the problem. He assumed that the previous provincial Liberal government had either ignored or willfully covered up wrongdoing.

Eby then asked an independent third party to probe the situation. Perhaps he selected an impartial person to manage the task, given the “backstory.”

Secret stuff is secret no more

Miraculously, some secret recordings have since emerged in which former BC solicitor general Kash Heed questions German’s impartiality. In fact, he openly suggests a conflict of interest. Apparently Fred Pinnock sanctioned the recordings. As former commander of BC’’s anti-illegal gaming, he is on the hotseat.

These 2018 recordings are vital to the investigation. Pinnock alleges that the liberal government had deliberately turned the other cheek. Pinnock’s unit, the Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (IIGET) was even disbanded after he started squawking about organized crime relationship with local casinos.

Rich Coleman, another former BC solicitor general, might be involved. Pinnock has pointed the finger at the current lawmaker, accusing him of pulling IIGET. Heed claims that Coleman was the head of an “unethical network” responsible for a “tsunami of money laundering” in BC casinos.

What is the backstory here? As Coleman was in the process of disbanding the IIGET in 2009, German was the RCMP assistant commissioner for the Lower Mainland. As a result he would have signed off on Coleman’s request for dissolution, along with others.

Heed had an answer as heard in the recording.

“David [Eby] and I have been friends for years, and I actually – when
he hired [German] to do his thing, I phoned him and gave him shit.”

He went on to question why the decision is now in review, saying it is hypocritical of Eby.

According to German, Heed’s comments are “outrageous”. He denies involvement with the “formation, operation, or end of IIGET.” In fact, to the best of his recollection, he had never met Coleman until the Dirty Money report interview.

Source: https://www.casino.org/news/bc-dirty-money-report-author-was-conflicted-former-sg-claims/

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