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How Will Canadian Casinos Fare After the New Lockdown?

The lockdown in Canada is certainly warranted in the face of the new surge of the pandemic. While it is tough to close a business and stay at home, lives must be saved. The world’s economy has been devastated, with fallout to certain sectors like casinos heavily hit.

Huge profits have been lost, so what does the future look like? Can we expect a new normal? Research by CasinoScout.ca is shedding light on the subject.

Casinos are fighting to stay open by implementing social distancing and other regulatory protocols to ensure the safety of both employees and guests. The virus is the biggest culprit, but behind it are online venues accessed by smart phones and computers.

Research reveals that online casinos have seen a huge surge this year as punters and bettors were left with nowhere to go. They quickly found new ways to gamble and the large number of games available on online have been responsible for the immense growth.

Given the vast new clientele, Canadian online casinos in Canada have gotten more creative. You can play with just 5 dollars for fun with less risk. Like every other land-based casino, many sites in Canada are ensuring that bettors gamble responsibly.

Casino owners have to become innovative in order to compete with online casinos, so they are exploring new ways to bring in customers. A big plus is offering mobile-based services along with their own websites and apps. Virtual and augmented realities entice gamers for sure.

As a result of these efforts, the prognosis is good. Land-based will continue to flourishing in the long run post pandemic. The traditional casinos remain unmatched thanks to the entertainment, drinks, dining, and socializing forming their special experience.

As players, they will still want to enjoy the experience offered by both online and land-based sites. They relish playing from the comfort of home, but also dressing up for a night at a casino.

Source: https://www.canyon-news.com/the-aftermath-of-covid-19-pandemic-for-casinos-in-canada/138370

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