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Legal Countries for Sports Betting Activities

There are quite plenty of countries across the world hat have legalized betting. However, there are still countries where betting activities are prohibited. It pays to differentiate so you know where you stand.

Once you have a list of legal venues, you can avoid dubious offshore sites. New laws are opening the market, leading to opportunities galore, especially online. Yes, it is blocked in some places, but there are many legal choices.

The UK has many options as the birthplace of gambling where bookmakers are legal. Locals know how important sports betting is to British life. You can pet on anything from the personal lives of famous footballers to show business stars and even what is going on with the Royal family.

Who is in and who is out

If you are concerned about legality in the UK, available bookmakers have received a license from the Gambling Commission that grants the right to organize activities in the field of gambling. Stick to the list and stay out of the gray zone.

Singapore is one country that is in. It has many casinos across the land and they are free for tourists! Sports betting is legal and no wonder since officials earn money on foreign tourists.

Canada is up there with 75% of the gaming population given that it is in the top four gambling countries. Residents adore their lotteries and card games and never look away from sports betting. Think of all those hockey matches. Of note, the gambling sector is in the hands of the government that rakes in $13 billion each year from taxes.

Ever since Italy legalized betting, half the country’s gambling revenue comes from electric slot machines. Poker is big as well and fans anxiously await the Italian tournament. Gaming history goes way back; the first European casino was founded in Venice in 1638.

Italians are obsessed with football and follow their native clubs. It makes sports betting a major income source of income for local and national budgets.

Macau is a known name. It is a Chinese pearl of sports betting and casino activity. Betting has been allowed since 2003.

The city developed into what it is today thanks to gambling. With a tax of 70%, the profit share is 40% of all earnings.

Australia has a reputation as a gambling country, heightened by the legalization of sports betting in the 1980s. Only licensed bookmakers can operate. Allegedly, the annual turnover from betting here is even higher than in England. It is no surprise that ludomania plagues the population.

Online betting is newly legal in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asian countries, and Russia. Licensing regulates the industry effectively. Many companies have emerged along with legislation. However, it is equally important to reduce risks for enthusiasts. Some key words now are social responsibility.

Source: https://football-talk.co.uk/161212/states-where-sports-betting-is-legal/

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