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Best Gambling Players in North America: in US or Canada?

The U.S. and Canada have often vied for standing in North America in various fields of endeavor. Now it is time to weigh in on who has the best gamblers. It is okay to reveal the names now that gambling in various forms is quite legal.

We have come a long way since players were limited to Las Vegas. The online and sports betting industry has exploded along with land-based casinos. In fact, over the past three years, the US gambling sector contributed a total of $137.5 billion dollars to the economy year on year, while adding to the employment figures.

With legalization, the customer base for gambling has become enormous. Becoming a professional gambler is not out of the question. It takes dedication and time to gain experience and knowledge. Those who prevail know their way around the Internet for sure. Yes, gambling has become a digital enterprise in our globally connected world.

Amid all the excitement, an elite group stands out in the U.S. and Canada. So both countries have their fair share of top-tier pros. You can thank the more progressive attitudes to online gambling and more flexible legislation that has changed online gambling laws. Thus, professional gamblers have come to flourish in North America.

Evelyn NG

Toronto native, Evelyn NG, is among the best poker players in Canada and one who makes a living at her passion. She started at the ripe young age of fourteen playing pool. She graduated to Blackjack and Poker at seventeen, when she was even a poker dealer. Now forty-five, she is an expert at number of casino games. She got her big breakthrough at twenty-eight at the WPT ladies night.

No matter that she finished in second place since she has gone on to enjoy a flourishing career as a professional gambler. Of note, NG won a sponsorship deal with PokerStars and Bodog Gaming. Her take over the last decade is said to be more than $375.000. That certainly puts her in the limelight as one of the best female poker players and all- round gamblers in Canada. She has participated in the WSOP main event, defeating the likes of Kathy Liebert, Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman in the U.S.

Bill Benter

This professional gambler is talented mathematician who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He won his stripes at the blackjack tables in Vegas. In fact, he was so good at his “beat the dealer” strategies that he was banned from most casinos in this gambling mecca. It was a minor setback for Benter who joined the Hong Kong gambling scene, where his passion peaked in horse racing. His reputation grew and he became known for developing some of the best and most accurate software in the sector of horse race gambling.

Benter earns approximately $100 million dollars a year. You can say that he makes a good living at gambling! Allegedly, he can make around $5 to $10 million on one race alone. He is one king of the North American gambling scene and lauded for his charitable efforts.

Michael McDonald

All eyes are on this live tournament player in Canada. He is one of the younger professional gamblers at the top at thirty one. He deserves his position among the star players having won more than $10 million in his career – so far.

Of note, he raked in around $300,000 before he even reached legal gambling age as the story goes. Since then, McDonald has been playing in a number of live tournaments across Canada and winning all along the way.

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