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Proposed Project, Starlight Casino Sudbury, Raises Concerns

Kingsway Entertainment District is in the Greater Sudbury area is soon to be home to a major casino project. However, it has raised concerns with Ward 3 Coun. Gerry Montpellier.

Casino operator, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, seeks to develop its own casino complex within the large entertainment zone. It is intent on making Kingsway Entertainment District even more popular than it is at present. A delay could tarnish these hopes.

Questions and no answers

Local councilors are questioning the proposition Coun. Montpellier, for one, is following closely everything and asking the burning questions. He is not satisfied with the lack of good answers.

Should the community rely on Gateway Casinos to follow through with the alleged casino complex within Kingsway Entertainment District? Montpellier wants to trigger conversations to gain more clarity on the brick and mortar project’s timeline.

The City Council and the Greater Sudbury region are experiencing new levels of uncertainty over various issues. Coun. Montpellier has recently exposed an email conversation between him and Robert Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos.

What is the message here? Perhaps it is the status of in-person gambling across Canadian provinces given that Gateway Casinos has been forced to shutter many venues. Many have since reopened but are the resources in place for the new complex?

Mr. Mitchell has been quick to clarify that all resources are now focused on the official reopening of casino locations with the construction of new brick-and-mortar casinos complexes to follow.

However, no timeline for the project has been issued at this time, as the situation changes frequently. Meanwhile Gateway Casinos is waiting for the expected greenlight to go forward with its plans for Starlight Casino Sudbury.

Source: https://www.casinoreports.ca/2020/12/21/will-ked-come-with-starlight-casino-sudbury/

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