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Richmond BC – an Illegal Gaming Den and Money Laundering Haven?

Richmond Casinos are getting a bad rap for money laundering and various illegal gambling operations. After all, it is harmful to the economy and player protection. There is no revenue gain for the community.

The local RCMP has exposed the problem of illegal gambling in the area. In fact, a certain gambling den in Richmond was raided last summer,. leading to the arrest of the two kingpins, Thi Dung Le and Jordan Jackson Guy.

It all came to a head when a raid which took place. Then, the organized crime unit associated started probing illicit gambling activities in the region. As enough information was gathered, it became time for action.

A search warrant was executed on the premises on July 2. Various items associated with in-person gambling activities were discovered such as poker chips and gambling tables. The Richmond Mounties learned that this was indeed a gambling hotspot, although entirely illegal.

No wonder people flocked to the location given that at the time, brick-and-mortar casino locations and gambling halls on a provincial scale were closed.

The raid resulted in the seizing of cash money used for the gambling operation. Cst. Kenneth Lau, the Richmond RCMP spokesperson said that the raid on the premises of the alleged illegal gambling den confirmed earlier suspicions and greenlighted the investigative process.

Two major figures associated with the operation were charged for managing the illegal gambling site. Thi Dung Le and Jordan Jackson Guy had been arrested for operating outside provincial regulations and without a permit.

It is known that organized crime loves these illegal gambling houses. They can undertake money laundering of their criminal proceeds could take place.

The Mounties are actively seeking more information on illegal gambling and assures that any whistleblowers will remain anonymous.

Source: https://www.casinoreports.ca/2021/01/04/is-richmond-money-laundering-safe-haven/

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