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Charges Made in Richmond After Raid of Illegal Gambling House

The results of a RCMP raid on a house in Richmond continue to shock the public. After entry and seizure of cash, tables, and poker chips as evidence, a man and a woman were arrested for running the illegal gambling operation.

The Richmond RCMP organized crime unit has all the details. A plan back in May of this year led to the July 2 raid on Finlayson Drive, a residential neighborhood.

Now Thi Dung Le, 29, has been charged with one count of keeping a gaming or betting house. She will appear in Richmond provincial court today. Her partner in crime, Jordan Jackson Guy, 28, has also been charged with the same violation. He won’t appear in Richmond provincial court until February 3.

According to property records, Thi Dung Le is the co-owner of the $1.2-million, four-bedroom home in question.
According to Cons. Kenneth Lau, illegal gambling is a no tolerance issue.

“With zero regulations and often a nexus to organized crime, these illegal gambling houses pose a risk to the public. We do not want them operating in Richmond and will continue to actively investigate and target these suspected locations.”

Signs of something going on were noted by police some time ago. People were coming and going at odd hours and numerous vehicles lined the street. Loud noises were reported and it was assumed that some partying was taking place on the grounds.

The real tipoff was a social media ad about casino games.

Other illegal houses have been raided by the RCMP in Richmond over the years. One was linked to the underground bank Silver International. Apparently the house was used to money launder about $220 million a year. The current raid is not unique.

Source: https://vancouversun.com/business/charges-laid-in-takedown-of-alleged-illegal-gambling-house-in-richmond

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