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Quebec Lotto Winner Leaves Prize Unclaimed

Imagine forgetting to check your lotto ticket and lose your prize. Many go unclaimed oddly enough. Now a Quebec winner just lost CA$1 million as the one-year time allowance has passed.

Announcements have been made for a year by Loto-Québec, including the winning number in hopes of finding the lucky local. The unsuspecting person has no clue. They might not remember purchasing a ticket at all.

It is amazing that so many of these tickets are not redeemed and great windfalls are lost. Such is the case for someone from Quebec as reported by the Crown corporation overseeing gambling and lottery offerings.

Renaud Dugas, a spokesperson for the Crown corporation, has pointed out that a total of seven official announcements have been made over the past 18 months.

A Quebec MAX ticket eligible for the cash prize of CA$1,000,000 is lying somewhere undetected and it is making news. It doesn’t matter that the time limit has been extended.

Hopefully, a lost or neglected ticket won’t be the case for a Lotto MAX amounting to CA$500,000 that came with the January 7, 2020 draw.

Source: https://www.casinoreports.ca/2021/01/06/quebec-lotto-winner-just-lost-their-ca1-million/

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