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Out of 87 countries, Canada has 29th Highest Divorce Rate per Survey

Not many would say that Canada has a high divorce rate among eighty-seven countries, yet it is true. A survey is proof that it ranks at twenty-nine. Recently, U.K.-based bestcasinosites.net evaluated the garnered global statistics on getting divorced in 87 countries.

In Canada, one out of every 309 adults are divorced with a probability of .324%. Among the countries considered, Russia came in first with one in 154 adults divorced or a probability of .649%, while Chile came in last with one in 5,714 adults divorced or a probability of .018%.

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The U.S. is right up there ranking third with one in 189 adults divorced – or a probability of .529%. The U.K. ranked lower at 18 with one in 287 adults divorced, or a probability of .348%. Divorce there started to rise way back in the seventies as “the soul-mate model of marriage, based on fulfilment rather than obligation, propelled divorce rates in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

The survey noted that in Russia, the end of the Soviet Union sparked a rise in divorce as women were finally granted protection after separation. The study also attributes the Eastern European country’s high rate to “an ongoing trend in early marriages.”

Catholic countries were segregated and seen to l reside very low in the rankings. Also near the bottom, Ireland ranked in 81st place with one in 940 adults divorced, or a .106% probability. Maybe it is because the country only legalizing divorce in 1995.

In last place stands Chile where divorce was only legalized in 2004 due to the Catholic Church’s dominance.

Source: https://torontosun.com/news/national/canadas-divorce-rate-29th-out-of-87-countries-survey

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